Butler Mobility Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts (IPL) are the perfect solution for a home with stairs where someone needs to have a wheel chair on both levels of their home.

As well as ADA-compliance, our platform wheelchair lifts meet or exceed all National Safety Code (ANSI/ASME code) requirements. Our products are V.A. approved and have UL® and CSA certified components.

Standard lifting capacity is 500 lbs.(227 kg.) The optional lifting capacity is 750 lbs (350 kg).

In the event of a power failure, the standard battery backup will bring the platform up and down as many as 12-15 times, depending on the age of the battery, the height and the load, so the user is never left stranded

Our Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts can be equipped with an automatically folding end ramp and guard that locks firmly in place during operation.

  • Each wheelchair lift has an emergency stop button standard.

  • Battery backup is standard.

  • Optional key-operated controls provide additional safety.

  • Slack/broken chain safety

  • Redundant platform safeties

  • Platform safety apron

  • Over speed governor

  • Upper and lower limit switches

  • Over travel safety switch

  • Safety clutch

The two-rail design means the installation is simple and requires minimal changes to the stairway. There is no need to modify the walls, the rails mount on the landings.

All Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts have three directional switches, all within easy reach of the user. One on the platform, another at the upper landing and another at the bottom landing.  Wall mounted controls are available at a small additional cost. All switches are “momentary” (constant pressure) to meet safety code requirements.

Each wheelchair lift has an emergency stop button standard.

inclined platform wheelchair lifts


 Each rail on our Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts takes up just four inches of stair width when the unit is not in use, ensuring the safety and convenience of other family members and users.

The Butler Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift is also designed with appearance and functionality in mind. All the working mechanisms are concealed to offer a seamless, attractive appearance and optimum safety in homes and public buildings.









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