Care Solutions carries different types of height adjustable canes to meet your individual needs and style.

  • Offset – height adjustable
    • The offset handle helps center weight over the cane base for greater balance while reducing fatigue, offering greater support and stability.
    • Height adjustable in 1 inch increments
  • Quad Cane – featuring a 4 prong base for increased traction and stability

Walkers and Rollators

Vive Upright Walker

Offering a selection of walkers and rollators to meet your specific mobility needs

  • Walkers
    • 4 legs or with front 2 wheels
    • Junior, Standard, or Heavy Duty
    • Lever Release for easy foldability
  • 3 Wheel Rollator
    • Has 3 wheels, no seat
    • Lightweight
    • Tight turning radius
  • Rollators (Walkers with 4 wheels & a seat)
    • 6″ wheeled rollators – lightweight, easy to maneuver
    • 8″ wheeled rollators – increased wheel size for handling various terrain
    • Euro Style rollator – folds in the middle, Euro design
    • Heavy Duty Rollators
    • Heavy Duty Rollators with Premium Sling back
  • Upright Walkers/Rollators
    • Upwalker – Promotes a supportive upright posture, designed for stability
    • Vive Upright Walker – Provides mobility support while maintaining an upright position

Compression Socks

Care Solutions Mobility Center offers a selection of compression socks from Medi.

If you don’t see the specific type you are needing, let us know and we can special order custom compression, which can often be shipped directly to you.

duomed advantage

Pain Relief

Find the products that will help ease your pain and discomfort.

  • Biofreeze
    • Roll-on
    • Gel
    • Spray
  • Warmies & Hot Paks
    • Lavender scented and Heat in the Microwave
  • Heating Pads – King Size – 12″ x 24″
  • Hot/Cold Therapy – Gel Sleeves – Freeze or Microwave

Hospital Beds & Accessories

To meet your positioning needs, we carry semi-electric and full electric hospital beds, as well as bariatric full-electric hospital beds.

All of these options provide powered head and foot adjustments.

The full-electric variants also allow for the height of the bed to be adjusted at the touch of a button.

Bedrails for all types of beds are available through our offering of Stander products, whether they are needed to help someone stay in the bed, or to have a handhold to get out of the bed.

We are also a dealer for Safety Beds and can special order those to meet your specific needs.

Wound Care Mattresses

For 20 years, Care Solutions has been providing our customers with appropriate pressure relief mattresses to meet their needs.