Easy Wheelchair Access for Vehicles

With the quality vehicle lifts from Care Solutions Mobility Center, you can easily and safely access your minivan, SUV, or full-size van so you can get where you need to be. Our lifts can accommodate all wheelchair and scooter types for your convenience and safety.

We Carry the Top Vehicle Lift Manufacturers

Offering a complete range of interior and exterior vehicle lifts from top manufacturers, including:

  • Bruno Lifts
    • Joey™ Interior Platform Lift
    • Bruno’s Back-Off™
    • Curb-Sider® – Model VSL-6000/VSL-6900
  • Harmar
    • Crane style lifts such as the AL425
    • Exterior platform lifts like the AL100
  • Trilift – Ultralite, Classic, & HD
  • Handcycle Carriers from ReActive Adaptations

Automotive Patient Lifts

Care Solutions offers patient lift options specifically suited to vehicles. Various lifts are available to allow vehicle access to either the driver or passenger.  These lifts are dependent on vehicle type and not an available application on all vehicles.

Adapt Solutions

Link Seat – This technology uses your existing seat and allows it to turn and lower out of the vehicle for ease of entry and exit.  Both driver and passenger side options are available for a variety of trucks and large SUV’s.

XL-Base – The XL-Base converts your passenger seat to turn and lower and fits most minivans.

Asento/XL Seat – A powered transfer board that takes you from the floor of the vehicle up to the driver’s (or passenger’s) seat. Complete with a retractable support arm and an easy-to-use hand pendant.  Designed for the driver and front passenger positions in Minivans, Pickup Trucks, SUV’s and some Crossovers.

Reactive Hand Control Modifications for Your Vehicle

With the hand controls and hitches from Care Solutions Mobility Center, we can modify your vehicle to allow you to drive it safely and comfortably. We can install hand controls and hitches to vans as well as recreational vehicles such as side-by-sides, go-karts, and golf carts for maximum accessibility and independence.

Sure Grip Push/Rock System

The push/rock system allows the driver to ease its vertical handle back and forth for acceleration and braking for full-range motion in a comfortable position. This allows for hours of fatigue-free driving while giving you precise control over your vehicle. The upright handle allows for installations in smaller vehicles where other controls would not be able to fit, and the controls do not impede pedal use if needed.

Spin Master Spinner Knob

Available in your choice of three colors:
Black (A600)
Grey (A602)
Wood-Grain (A601)
With Spin Master’s innovative, clamshell design, one size fits all steering wheels.

Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel.

Spin Master adds a quick-release function – remove and refit at the touch of a button!

Additional User Benefits:

Spin Master is snugly fitted with two quality free-running ball racers
With its super clamping jaws, the spinner knob should not move once fitted
Due to its unique clamshell design, Spin Master provides a 3” clamping surface
Components are made from the same material used by mining companies for heavy-duty applications
Spin Master offers special leather grain etching to the knob section allowing it to match vehicle interiors
Australian engineered, the Spin Master is the most revolutionary spinner knob to hit the industry

CURT Hitches - Limited Lifetime Warranty Available

CURT receiver hitches are made to last. They have closed-end main bodies to prevent rusting from the inside out, and precision robotic welding ensures a strong and superior fit. We mechanically de-scale our steel hitches and subject them to extensive washing before applying our signature high-quality powder coat. All CURT hitches come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 1-year finish warranty.